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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Anne Moffat MP appeals against the de-selection decision

So, Anne Moffat MP has put in her appeal against the decision taken last Frdiay by her Constituency Labour Party to de-select her as the candidate for the forthcoming General Election - yes, the one in a few weeks!

Anne Moffat lost the vote by 130 votes to 59, that to me is a real kicking and let's assume that Labour's National Executive Committee overturn the decision and reinstate Anne, doesn't that mean that (a) there will be a lot of dissatisfied and very unhappy Labour Members, and voters and (b) the next five years will just be a recurring nightmare not only for Anne Moffat but also the voters of East Lothian?

From today's Scotsman;
A Labour Party spokesman said a decision on the appeal could be made by the NEC "within a couple of days".
"Anne Moffat has indicated her intention to appeal to the NEC. The NEC will arrange to meet very quickly to consider her request".
The vote on Friday and the recent rows followed another row about her reselection back in 2008 when the constituency party was temporarily suspended.

Anne Moffat MP attracted a massive amount of criticism after claiming £40,000 in travel expenses between 2003 and 2004 - more than any other MP in the House of Commons.

I have to be honest, putting politics aside for just a moment, if you were Anne Moffat at this moment in time, what would you do?  Would you stay, or would you go?
As I have said before, with the Liberal Democrats in second place here in East Lothian is this a seat to watch at the election?

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