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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Edinburgh at night

Well firstly, that's not what you were expecting at the moment was it readers?

Hehe, me neither.

But as my train from Glasgow pulled into Edinburgh Waverley and I wandered through the deserted station, all of a sudden the two policemen shot off like they were in the Olympic Games - 100 metre sprint - to arrest two drunks fighting.

Anyhow, I digress. As I walked up the ramp what struck me was Edinburgh Castle lit up, it looked awesome.

I'm now on the 8am train to Glasgow to ensure Ian Robertsons messages are relayed to the good people of Glasgow East.

Ian, being the local candidate, born and bred there is a fantastic guy, and I'm not just saying that as I'm his Agent, I'm saying because its true.

On Thursday local people have an alternative in Ian to the gaffe prown Labour MSP, who's had 8 years to do something already about the problems and has failed to do so and the SNP Councillor who has also had years to do something about the problems but feels splitting the UK up is a much better use of his time. How out of touch? Extremely!

Anyway I'm enjoying the train journey back to Glasgow in the beautiful sunshine so if you've nothing to do, get yourself over to Shettleston.

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