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Thursday, 28 August 2008

New shoes and 3

So, new shoes, lovely but a nightmare on my ankles. My black ones have now worn in but I need to now wear my new brown ones.

I've been to Boots to stock up on the plasters in advance.

Now, are you sitting comfortably?

If you work for 3, or are about to sign a contract with them, then you may want to go and read Pink Dogs Blog instead.

3 is attrocious.

I visited the 3 shop on Princes Street in Edinburgh today, and asked about topping up our broadband dongles.

I was told - "our computer system is down, you will need to go to Superdrug or R S McColl" so, off I went to Superdrug on Princes Street.

I then returned to 3 to activate the vouchers - or not!

Apparently I should have got £15 not £20 - I had asked in 3 and was told it didn't matter!

So, the advice from 3 - "go and get a refund". What a pile of absolute twonk.

So, back to the office to activate the vouchers - no, the website wasn't working!

Then I called customer services, I selected to speak to a broadband expert - but first I have to call another number!!!!!

So, I do and then 20 minutes later, yes 20 minutes they manage to activate the voucher.

So, 3, I give you marks on the following aspects of your service;

1. Store service - 0/10
2. Customer service on the phone 0/10
3. Customer service on the phone with the second phone number 0/10
4. Overall impression and experience of 3 - 0/10

Don't bother!

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