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Friday, 28 November 2008

The disgrace that is Scotrail

As both my readers know I normally have high praise for Scotrail, especially their ability to cope in snow and cold weather.

However, today their copy book is blotted, big time.

I was at Inverurie to catch the 12.36 to Aberdeen for my 1.30 meeting, but when the little two carriage train pulled in, there were already no seats plus large crowds standing so actually only one or two people managed to get on.

I caught the next one, half an hour later, so not to bad.

The 16.21 from Aberdeen to Edinburgh was standing room only from Aberdeen and has got progressively worse as the journey has continued, not made any better by the idiot playing the music on his phone by loudspeaker, everyone was tutting and then when I said something everyone else melted into the background, but he did turn it off.......

Then there was the chap projectile vomiting - nice!

And my final whinge on this late service is all those with ipods, I want to listen to my own - NOT YOURS!


Caron said...

Sounds like a nightmare journey. Believe me, First Scotrail is a huge improvement on its predecessor but it has let standards slip recently.

Johnco said...

Couldn't agree more. I commute Larbert to Paisley every day and find it depressing that we force people to stand if they want to take public transport. Then we wonder why they prefer to drive...

First Scotrail is an improvement, but not a huge one.

Mark Coyle said...

Never, ever, ever catch the 1720 train from Aberdeen to Glasgow. It's always full of Weegies (nothing against them generally, I've lived there for 10 years and love the city) who've come off the rigs and are intent on getting bladdered.

Fine, gaun yirsel' big man ... as they say ... but when I've told you 174 times already - and we haven't even reached Stonehaven - that I don't want a drink from your bottle of vodka, please understand why I might be getting a bit tetchy.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely sick of scotrail recently, prices are insane, train gaurds are very poor. Personally I try and catch the national express train when on the north east the very least you can usually find a seat..

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