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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Leaves on the line.....

Was a bit late leaving home this morning so missed my normal 7.51am train so went for the 8.13am armed with my coffee, danish and metro, just to find hundreds of people on Dartford station because of delays and cancellations.

Why on earth can Southeastern trains not get to grips with London Bridge station, I am absolutely fed up when I turn up at Charing Cross each morning to hear "we apologise to passengers arriving at platform one this morning, the delay was caused by congestion at London Bridge" what a load of twaddle, you plan the timetable........

Then leaves on the line got blamed, who was right, who was wrong?

I took a nice but bizarre photo two weeks ago of crocuses blooming in St James Park, see above. It's true, climate change has to be tackled!

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