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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Labour funding

Well, Ms Harman has got herself in a little pickle according to reports on the BBC, she has accepted a £5,000 donation from Janet Kidd. Labours General Secretary resigns, Gordon won't give his full backing to Harriet, although is confident. A great piece in the Telegraph today, including the questions from the PMs briefing

Given my limited knowledge of Election Law, I am fully aware that those donations were quite oviously illegal, so why did Labour think otherwise?

The Electoral Commission is investigating whether the activity breaches election law. Criminal prosecutions have not been ruled out.

Anyway, onto positive campaigning, the Lib Dem Group on the Greater London Assembly have launched a petition. We think passengers should not pay the penalty for the Labour Government’s and the Mayor of London’s tube refurbishment disaster. Metronet, the company who were refurbishing most of London's Underground Network under Gordon Brown’s Public Private Partnership (PPP), has gone bust. Transport for London is having to pour in hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to enable urgent work on the tube to continue.

Go on, sign it, you know you want to.

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