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Friday, 30 November 2007

My chelsea tree

My desktop Chelsea Christmas tree arrived this morning, with tinsel and baubles - Shaun and I are determined that the 3rd floor Campaigns Department will be awash with Christmas decorations, we have set the Candidates Department a challenge to see whose office is most xmassy, but being a little grinchy they aren't really up for it.

Am off to Birmingham later as I am training candidates tomorrow, and trains don't run at the right times to get me there so need to stay up tonight, not ideal but its only one night.

Labour's problems roll on, its not just Harriet now the BBC are reporting are Peter Hain is involved

Chris Huhne MP has been asking for the Metropolitan Police to investigate the Labour Party and these donations, Chris, success, they now are according to the BBC this is Sir Ian Blairs response to Chris' letter

And we hope to go to see Aaron soon, we have bought sooooo many bits for him now its unreal, but hey, why not, its not often you get two gay uncles!

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