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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Alex Salmond's little helpers

Oh my god!

Well, here in Scotland we see Alex Salmond's SNP with their little helpers AKA the Conservatives in all sorts of deals.

But, hot gossip from the corridors of power in Westminster.

Last night in the Members lobby the Scottish parliamentary leaders for the SNP and the Conservatives - Angus Robertson MP and David Mundell MP respectively - were overheard discussing how they are going to work together to ensure a Labour defeat in the forthcoming Glenrothes by-election!

Shame on them!.

The voters of the Glenrothes constituency - whether in Star, Newcastle, Cardenden, Glenrothes, Leslie, Leven, Wemyss, Markinch, Methil, Thornton, Buckhaven, Kennoway or Auchterderran and all the other parts - deserve to know who they are voting for.

The SNP have already shown their arrogance by claiming they've won and now they are rubbing the voters noses in the dirt.

A vote for the Tories gets you an irrelevant SNP MP according to Mundell and Robertson obviously and a vote for the SNP is just as dishonest and gets you what? A backbench MP who will do nothing and has relied on Tory votes to get there.

Come on, the Tories gave us Margaret Thatcher who closed down businesses across the Kingdom. Alex Salmond has already told us that the Scots didn't mind Thatchers economic policies. How out of touch is he?

She left a trail of destruction across Fife.

In Fife the battle for Westminster is between the unpopular Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

The SNP and the Tories believe in Margaret Thatcher.

The people of Fife believe in choice.

A vote for Harry Wills on November 6th is the only way to send the Labour Party a message - enough is enough, its time for a change.


Christopher Ord said...

On friday 3 October, I was returning home to Gateshead from Oban, via Edinburgh. on a number of locations between Perth and Berwick, I notice boards with the SNP painted across with the word "freedom" along the bottom.It would appear that "traditional" Tory voting farmers are now supporting the SNP in Scotland.

On the other hand, I also overheard a conversation in the Craignure Inn, Isle of Mull that suggested to me that the SNP should enjoy their status at the top of Scottish Politics whilst it lasts - "they're Tories in disguise coming back to haunt us" said one local.

Christopher Ord

Anonymous said...

Is this the best the Depute Director of Campaigns can come up with? There are plenty of good people in the Lib Dems - I know because I used to be one of them - but if the party is reduced to mimicking Labour's decades old lie about 'letting the Tories in by the back door' then the electoral future must be bleak.

Anonymous said...

Another Fiberal Democrat, I see.

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