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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

SNP Glenrothes candidate - oh dear

I have just read this on the Telegraph website. It does appear as if Peter Grant, the SNP candidate in Glenrothes doesn't want to be an MP long term.

I am sorry, after working in politics for over ten years and for three hard working MPs within the Liberal Democrats - Vince Cable MP, Simon Highes MP and Lynne Featherstone MP - I know this is a long game and the hours you therefore need to put in to stay there.

The Telegraph reports he is reluctant to leave Fife and go to London.

read the full story here

This really does show - a vote for the SNP would be a wasted vote and therefore if you want to send a message to the Labour Government on November 6th in Fife, you should vote for Harry Wills and the Scottish Liberal Democrats.


JPJ2 said...

Given the age of the Lib Dem candidate it seems reasonable to assume that he would not want to be an MP for more than 5 years either!

The Fighting 11th said...

You've read the actual quote right? He didn't say that at all. But it was nice of you to read the headline. His actual quote:

"It's important to get the right person to Westminster, but we're going to have a referendum in 2010. Every victory the SNP wins from now on takes us a little bit closer (to independence)."

"I don't want to spend any more time down there than I have to. I would be homesick after more than that."

His quite clear that he wants to represent the citizens of Glenthrothes, he would just rather do it in an independent Scotland and not in the context of the UK (which is the SNP party line, so its not a new idea to voters).

As someone who worked for MPs you should know better than to publicize this "gothca" journalism. It contributes nothingg to a debate on the actual issues or how someone would govern.

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