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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mayor Boris Johnson

Well Boris, some 7 months ago you won the election, I arrived back in London this week to find the underground the dirtiest I've ever seen it in all my years living and working in London!

So what have you actually done? Cut staff? Slashed budgets? Or just stopped the staff picking up the litter?

You now seem to lose Advisers more quickly than Ken Livingstone did. So, the Tory surge - well it doesn't reallt exist does it, its a myth.

When all said and done, you are out of your depth running London. David Cameron, who wrote the last Tory Manifesto, who was involved in the former out of touch Tory Government is aTory Toff connected with the past including Thatcher.

Its time for a change and the change is the Liberal Democrats! or

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