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Sunday, 20 June 2010

RIP Zennor Reeves

Having pets is mostly a really enjoyable time and over the last 16 years we have had great times with Zennor and her sister Madron, who died in 2007.

Unfortunately since December Zennor (pictured below) hasn't been so well but had really deteriorated over the last two weeks.

Roger and I discussed a plan and yesterday at 11am said goodbye to our little girl.

Although the last few days, especially yesterday have been so hard for us its important to balance that with the years of great memories;

When Madron sat next to Roger and clawed the broccoli off his dinner plate and then ate it.

Zennor getting stuck in the tree in the garden in Lewisham every night and Roger waiting for me to get her down.

Madron sat at the windows of the flat in Dartford doing a noise trying to attack the birds.

Christmas 1995, Zennor growling at Madron when she tried to steal her toy mouse.

Loads and loads of great memories and we will miss you both so very much.


Caron said...

Andrew, so sorry for you and Roger. You must be devastated.

I'm glad you're remembering the happy times with both lovely cats, but I know that this hurts like hell.

Lots of love to you both.

Lorna Spenceley said...

So sorry to hear about Zennor. We lost our first dog in April last year and it felt awful. Zennor reached a great age and you both obviously made her very happy.

Sophia Pangloss said...

Ma thoughts are wi ye baith Andrew an' Roger at this sad time. Thank you fer feelin able tae share yer thoughts, ye're very brave.

We were owned by twa beautiful sisters, Keisha an' Mutya, till they baith sadly left us within three months o' each other. The pain o' loss can be fierce, an' it still creeps up when we least expect it, three year later. They still live on in oor hearts, as ah'm sure Zennor an Madron will in yours.

Life goes on as ye rightly say, an' we are now very happily owned by Kara an' Ace Pangloss, an' ah ken that somewhere oot there there's a wee cat or twa lookin fer a couple o' human's tae look efter. Take care o' yersels x

ps word/ver - blese (that no sweet?)

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