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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tory MP Caroline Nokes declares extra marital sex wrong while cheating on her husband with a toy boy

Whoops, the Conservatives don't learn do they?

So Caroline Nokes, the new MP for Romsey and Southampton North has been having an affair for four years with James Dinsdale, a conservative councillor and activist ten years her junior, despite during the election endorsing a Christian group's declaration that extra-marital sex is wrong.

Just last week she celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary.

The Mail on Sunday reports:

But the MP's young lover Mr [James] Dinsdale, a Conservative councillor and former leading light in the party's youth wing, Conservative Future, told journalists: 'I can confirm Caroline Nokes and I have had a sexual relationship.
'I have no further comment to make.'
Then goes on to say;
Today, his [James Dinsdale] mother Beverley, apparently unaware her son had admitted to sex with the MP, said: 'My son was Caroline’s agent at the General Election for goodness sake – he helped her win – so it is natural that they should still meet up from time to time.
'They are both grown-ups but James has a girlfriend here in Bury St Edmunds – he is spending the day with her today.'
So another Tory falls for the don't do what I do, do what I say option.

For four years of her fifteen years of marriage she has been living a lie, having an affair with a Tory toy boy ten years her junior - shame on her - I wonder if she mentioned it in her election literature?


John said...

I don't see what the ten years difference has to do with anything - though it's hypocrisy pure and simple

Tim said...

She only signed the Pledge. She is not listed on their website as signing up to the Declaration about marital sex etc.

You should not believe everything in the Mail or Telegraph. Look at the context of the words the hacks used.

Anonymous said...

Their are only two people who knew of this last secret meeting at the hotel.
This was a set up. The press were there ready & waiting.
The boyfriend readily admits it and in doing so does the maximum damage to her as an mp.
Revenge comes to mind

Stephen said...

...What she has done is nothing compared with what her Lib Dem equivilent Mark Oaten did! (I'm not saying what she did is right, but at least her partners are consistently the same gender!).

MatGB said...

Stephen, why does it matter what gender someone has an affair with? Some people are bi, get used to it.

Some of those people repress it for a long long time.

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