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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Ann Widdecombe - it's time to hang up those dancing shoes

I've just read Matthew Norman's column in today's new i-paper and was left coughing and spluttering into my late (skinny of course).

I know what I'm about to say will infuriate many Strictly Come Dancing fans, most of all my good friend Caron Lindsay.

Ann Widdecombe, or Widders as she is now affectionately known across the nation, I'm afraid it is time to hang up your dancing shoes.

For the first few weeks you were amusing and I agree, you improved week on week.

However, last Saturday, you were the worst dancer and you received the lowest score. Did we see you in the bottom two waiting to see if you were voted off?

No, instead we lost a far superior competitor from this dancing competition, Tina O'Brien and her partner Jared.

We, the great British public must ensure that Bidders doesn't become the next John Sargent.

It was close last week as superstar Anton Du Beke threw Ann around the dance floor like a sack of potatoes and that's when I realised its time for Ann to leave and Strictly to become a dancing competition once again.


Caron said...

You're right I'm not going to agree.

If this were a dancing competition, if it got any air time at all, it would be at 11.45 on a Wednesday night and nobody would watch it.

This is an entertainment show and you can't argue that Ann and Anton are not entertaining.

In fact, this Saturday's dance, a Charleston, with its comedic potential is probably going to be one of the most exciting things ever. It is guaranteed to make us feel good.

We wouldn't have the chance to see this if they had been voted off on Saturday.

Tina and Jared were cute but their dancing wasn't so captivating, and their Argentine Tango was really not good.

I've always had a theory that Sandy in Grease was never really that comfortable with the leathers and high heels stuff, and Tina reminded me of that on Saturday.

If people want certain dancers to stay in, they should vote for them. End of story.

I will be voting for Ann and Anton on Saturday because I think they bring so much to the competition and certainly there are a few dancers I'd be happy to see go before them - not least the object of your lust, Mr Henson. He might have the body, although I'd argue with you on that, but he gives nothing of himself to the process.

I really admire the way Widdy has overcome her fear of heights to fly in, has given what for to the Judges every single week, has had to cope with the loss of her brother during the season and has done everything she's been asked to do with good grace.

She won't win, and in fact she's come a couple of weeks further than I thought she would, but while she's there, let's just enjoy the pure entertainment she and Anton give us.

Ellen Arnison said...

I'm with Caron on this one. Strictly isn't where you go to see a dancing competition the same as X Factor isn't about the best voice. Ann is entertaining and that's what it's all about. I'll be voting to keep her in too.
I was going to say something slightly po-faced about how she's showing that you don't need to be young and skinny to have fun in sequins, but I thought better of it.

Douglas McLellan said...

Meh. Have not watch SCD since the Colin Jackson v Darren Gough final.

It was Saturday night flim-flam then and it is Saturday night flim-flam now.

This was proven when Dixon became a judge. Anyone thinking they were watching a dancing competition after that were mistaken. Not for the ageism row but for the fact that a person who knew less about dancing than the dancers was a judge.

Widders will stay as long as she entertains.

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