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Monday, 8 November 2010

Is George Galloway set to become an MSP?

George Galloway, once an MP who then turned into Rula Lenska's milk lapping pussycat in Big Brother, now writes for The Daily Record.

Today George hints heavily in his column that he may well stand for the Glasgow regional list in next years Holyrood elections.
I, myself, am coming under serious pressure to be a candidate, not in Oldham but in Glasgow, and for the Scottish parliament in May.
Given there are 208 days to polling day, he has a while to decide which party to stand for, if any.
I wonder what has made gorgeous George think about this, he claims it is the;
Football supporters, leaders of the Asian community, trades unionists, former constituents - even members of the Labour Party are all saying that the Scottish parliament needs some heavier-weight members if it's to develop as a real parliament worthy of the name.
Will the good folk of Glasgow want an MSP who was branded a laughing stock by a London Labour opponent for appearing on Big Brother?

To be honest, that was then and this is now and I'm not sure people really get hung about these things in the way politicians do.

Time will tell if gorgeous George will throw his hat in the ring next May, let us just wait and see.


Caron said...

You think he's gorgeous? I mean, you must do if you've used the word twice in your post:-).

I have the same view of him as I have of the other guy you fancy, Mr Henson which can be broadly summed up by the phrase eeew.

Andrew Reeves said...

Caron, oh my dear friend Caron - you know very well what the answer to the question is and your phrase eeeew, is very, very appropriate.

Please do not put the wonderful Gavin Henson in the same category as George Galloway, some things are red line issues, that is one.

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