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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Edinburgh Capitals ice hockey team on the turn?

Finally after a period of a few weeks of top players turning their backs on the Edinburgh Capitals and seeking new pastures, news of a new signing reaches the fans this morning.
"Edinburgh Capitals today announced that Ex Capital Scott McKenzie will be signed on a two way contract from English Premier League team Telford Tigers, Scott has been signed as the temporary cover to allow us time to look at other options."
Scott McKenzie will ice tonight when the Capitals face the Newcastle Vipers at Whitley Bay.

At the end of last year Alex Kim, Chris St. Jacques and David Lomas all moved on, and then just this week Adam Taylor and Jacques Perreault both asked to leave the Edinburgh club.

The Edinburgh ice hockey club is potentially looking at other players who can be utilised on two way contracts and according to the website, they may be able to announce further news on this later today.

I am also interested in signings for off ice positions because Scott Neil cannot do all of the jobs that need doing and until the Club and Scott realise that, we will remain in the current chicken and egg situation.

I will continue to attend the home games, and the away games I can afford but Scott Neil cannot continue to criticise fans and supporters for not attending the home games when there are no players on the ice and no professional organisation off the ice.
I really hope 2011 is the year it turns around for the Club and Scott.

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