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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I'm very angry with Ken Lingstone and the Labour Party

I was called today as the Liberal Democrat Election Agent for the London Elections by a resident in Enfield about a leaflet being distributed by the Labour Party.

The leaflet, similar to our wonderful DL voting guide, shows and instructs voters to vote Livingstone with your first preference and also your second preference - this means that your second preference vote will be invalid, but the Labour leaflet forgets to mention that.

The Labour Party are obviously very desperate - my verdict, cheap and an absolute disgrace!

So, if you want a positive Mayor with serious solutions, with a proven track record fighting crime, leading large teams or just a sensible business head then give your first preference to Brian Paddick - not Ken or Boris.

Let's change London for the better, polling stations open from 7am to 10pm tomorrow.

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