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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Return trip to Ealing Southall

My regular readers will know I spent last Summer in Ealing Southall, when Lib Dem Nigel Bakhai overtook the Tories and nearly won the seat from Labour.

Yesterday, I accompanied Brian Paddick along with Nick Clegg and Nigel Bakhai (now the GLA candidate for Ealing & Hillingdon) to a Temple and a Mosque.

A great reception for Brian and Nick.

Last night Brian did a recording of a BBC tv hustings that goes out tonight.

This morning Brian Paddick is up against Boris (the clown) and Ken (I've run out of ideas) again at a hustings by Reuters at Canary Wharf.

A busy schedule, especially as Brian also ran the marathon on Sunday raising nearly £2000 for The Downs Syndrome Educational Trust, The Stroke Association and The Elton John Aids Foundation - if you'd like to sponsor Brian, its not too late please go to his campaign website

I also see Ken is recruiting US internet consultants to try and catch our campaign up. We're leading the way - a great website, facebook, myspace, twitter and yesterday google video ads - another first!

Listen Londoners - its a waste of time giving Ken your first preference to keep Boris out.

Give your first preference to Brian Paddick and then your second preference to your person of choice.

In the latest poll Brian gets 54% of the second preference votes - change those to first preference and he is the new Mayor of London.

Let's just do it and kick Ken and Boris out.

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