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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Quiet day at the office

As Brian Paddick's campaign continues to gather momentum I had to laugh at Harriet Harman, who I've run a campaign against. Harriet from leafy Dulwich now she feels she needs a stab vest to walk round with the Police in Peckham! What an insult.

Brian Paddick was in Peckham this weekend to chat and more importantly listen to young people at the Damilola Taylor Centre.

The other story that's wound me up today is from the MP for Dulwich who doesn't feel people should demonstrate when the Olympic torch comes to London on Sunday - so Tessa, are you happy about all the Human Rights violations in China and Tibet then?

Final flurry from me today - Brian Paddick will be the first politician to hold an interview via Twitter - a text message service.

If you want to follow Brian Paddick by text either send "follow brianpaddick" (without the quotation marks) to 07624 801 423 or visit the website

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