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Thursday, 26 June 2008

First Ministers Questions

Arrogant posturing, grandstanding or just being his true self once again.

That was my verdict after watching First Ministers Questions live at Holyrood today.

Day by day the teflon is coming off Alex Salmond and given the amount of broken promises he and the SNP should hang their heads in shame as re-reading their 2007 manifesto you do wonder what they will actually deliver on - very little.

Wendy Alexander, did actually turn up, despite a bad sore throat and started FMQ's off, and the way Alex Salmond responded you thought, whoa he's back, no, just grandstanding to the audience and especially Sean Connery, fresh in from the Bahamas or some other super star area of the world.

Alex Salmond's behaviour is completely unacceptable.

However, Nicol Stephen was amazing, I did wonder where his question was leading but pow, wham, he lands a punch and you could just see the effect his question had on Salmond, he wasn't happy.

Nicol - keep up the good work and fighting for the people of Scotland, exposing the SNP's weakness and constant stream of broken promises.

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