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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Lib Dems winning here

Well, I can honestly say tug of war is not as easy as it seems.

I was on the Lib Dem team for the Holyrood Parliament annual tug of war competition (opened by Alex Salmond).

There was Jenny, Polly, Matthew, David, Jim Hume MSP and I on the team with Craig and Callum as the cheerleaders in mini skirts - I kid you not, they breed them hard up here.

Our first draw was against Labour, best of two. Labour won the first and we the second.

Next we were drawn against the skippers (I think) and we won two nil.

Round three we drew HBOS - oh my god - everyone was a bodybuilder or head of security, no way was there an ounce of financial advice in that team and they won two nil.

That meant in group four we had tied second with Labour and the top two were due to go through to the quarter finals so a play off was due.

We whooped Labours ass two nil and our best performance all evening.

So then we were up against The Scotsman (newspaper) - we lost two nil, we were out so then it was team photo time - see an upcoming Lib Dem News its bound to make it in.

The cheerleaders were awesome getting us all pulling together although Craig had to watch how much he kept bouncing around the skirt was a tad short lol.

Great team effort!

All this on a day when Bruce Crawford, SNP Minister completely cocked up taking a Bill through.

Bye bye Mr Crawford!

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