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Friday, 14 January 2011

Conservative Christian Richard Carvath makes vicious homophobic attack

When Andrew Tibbs tweeted this earlier today to say I was shocked was an understatement.
"Tory @RichardCarvath makes some appalling homophobic comments on his blog The Tories should get rid of him. Pls RT"
This nasty individual has some very vile and disgusting views of gay people and the reason I am linking to his blog is to ensure that the Conservative Party dismiss him completely and that people know of this horrible individual.

Although Richard Carvath stood in the General Election as an independent candidate, he proudly boasts on his blog that he is a member of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, the Christian wing of the Conservative Party.

They should take immediate action and expel him.

I am appalled that Carvath generalises that not only are all gay people perverts in his mind but he also states that all gay people carry disease and have poisonous blood and hints that all gay people are paedophiles!
"Given that homosexual-perverts are generally riddled with disease - from HIV to syphilis to hepatitis etc - as a result of their sodomitical activities, it is entirely right and proper that the National Blood Service refuses to accept their poisonous blood."
I have been subjected to homophobic views many times before but am shocked that Carvath is allowed to put so many of these untrue and misguided thoughts into the public arena, especially the sheer hatred he has.

He goes on to personally attack Matthew Sephton, the Chair of the Conservative Party's LGBT group and although I am in a different party, I am here supporting Matthew.

Personal attacks such as the one by Carvath on Matthew in his blog post are simply not acceptable.

Although I am not religious, I respect other people are but all of the people I know who are religious, not one is homophobic to this extent (yes, some are homophobic), Carvath's views are so right wing and extreme it is appalling.

On the whole blood ban part of the attack by Carvath - poppycock.

To sign the petition and read more about the ban on gay men being able to donate blood, visit the website.

Tweet from Matthew Sephton.

Monday 17th 21:07 - "I can pass on that @DavidBurrowesMP has confirmed that he wrote to that person last month to withdraw #CCF membership"

Matthew has also stated that the post on Carvath's blog, where he claims he re-joined the Conservative Party is wrong because his membership application was returned.

Happy to let you all know the Conservative Party has nothing to do with this particular individual or his vile views.


Andrew Tibbs said...

I should point out that it was thanks to a tweet by @magslhalliday that brought this guy to my attention.

Steve Cooke said...

Richard is not only vile, bigoted, hateful, and completely barking but he's also no longer a Conservative (according to local Tories anyhow). I suspect that's the second time he's been kicked out. I doubt you'd find anyone in Salford who takes him remotely seriously.

Tim Moore said...

Thanks for posting on this, Andrew. It's right that Richard Carvath's repulsive views and rhetoric are exposed.

This is not the first time that Carvath has targetted Matthew Sephton. It could be said that Carvath has a rather unhealthy preoccupation with the subject of homosexuality in general, particularly his insistence of complementing the term with variants of the word "pervert".

Carvath wrote a blog post on 29 September 2010 entitled "My welcome to the Tories from Baroness Warsi" where he refers to his re-entry into the Conservative Party and previous expulsion from the Party for "expressing orthodox Christian views on homosexuality and islam". I am unaware if Carvath's membership status of the Conservative Party has changed since he wrote that post. Can any readers advise on this?

Andrew Tibbs said...

The vile 'christian' has updated his blog at the weekend to say he's no longer in the Tory party, despite, as Tim says, saying that he was readmitted!

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