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Friday, 21 March 2008

Fare evaders and ripping off fare payers!

I'm angry this morning!

Arrive at Dartford Station to find bedlum - police, ticket inspectors and south eastern staff trying to restrain a guy who allegedly didn't have a ticket!

So, who am I angry at?

The fare dodger? Yes, the tickets are so expensive because there are so many fare dodgers and the obvious need for all the ticket inspectors to catch them!

South Eastern? Also yes, it is a bank holiday, half the country has gone abroad and yet the ticket price is still a standard pre-9.30am over priced rip off ticket.

Stop ripping off passengers on holidays - you reduce the number of coaches, you reduce the service but still charge for a standard day.

Who says Dick Turpins dead?

Not me, he's alive and well and works for the train operating companies!

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