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Saturday, 22 March 2008

On a cold Spring morning

I hadn't expected sleet showers this morning!

Yet another short 4 carriage train from Southeastern trains - why?

Come on you silly people, every train so far this Easter weekend I've caught has only been 4 carriasges and packed like a cattle truck - this isn't what I expect for a ticket price of £2200+ each year - why don't the Executives of Southeastern try travelling on their dirty short trains?

Too scared?

I'm en-route to the office to pick up some paperwork and leaflets before meeting Brian Paddick in Wimbledon.

The passport file breach story in the States is yet another reason to support the argument against Labour's plans here to introduce ID cards.

Blair, Brown etc just don't get it - they keep using the argument that ID cards will prevent more terrorist attacks - well it didn't prevent the tragic Madrid bombings so how the hell will it stop one here in the UK?

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