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Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Green Puppets

I'm somewhat surprised a small party like the Green Party is being hoodwinked by the London Labour party in the way it is.

Trying to drive a wedge between Brian Paddick and the Party is basically quite cheap and pathetic.

Brian Paddick has been a Lib Dem for some time despite what Labours Ken Livingstone may suggest.

The Lib Dem Group on the London Assembly - Mike Tuffrey, Dee Doocey, Geoff Pope, Sally Hamwee and Graham Tope - are the greenest group, yes greener than the Greens.

So, my message to Ken Livingstone, Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson is simple - campaign on your own messages, campaign on your own record as Brian Paddick and the Liberal Democrats are - who are the only party trying to get knives and guns off Londons streets - making London safer and offering serious solutions for London.

Ken, Jenny and Darren - who is in who's pocket?

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