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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tories on another planet

I still have google alerts for all my previous bosses including the top blogger Lynne Featherstone MP.

Imagine my shock this morning once the old blackberry had warmed up and I got this one through

"By Lynne Featherstone MP (Lynne Featherstone MP) Appalling, quite appalling:. A Tory councillor has claimed that there should be compulsory sterilisation for parents on benefits ... Mr Ward, who has sat on Medway Council in Kent for eight years"

I live in Kent so I've seen their right wing views firsthand for some time - let's not forget Kent County Council introduced their own version of Section 28 - remember that little gem, Boris voted for the original one!

So go on to Lynne's blog and check this utterley appalling story out!

Stories like this I hope make people realise that all this cuddliness the Tories try to create is a load of bull.

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