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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Deep fried breakfast, a man dressed as a banana and Harry Potter

Now, I'm annoyed today. Not with everything, I'm sat at Inverurie station waiting for the Inverness train, in the beautiful sunshine.

I was up early this morning artworking some surveys and target letters with the news on in the background - J K Rowling has given the Labour party one million pounds - why? I shouted at the tv, no point love, you'll have a Lib Dem MP where you live after the election!

I'm so annoyed, do these celebrities not listen? Liberal Democrats spend their money much better than the other parties - so give it to us!!!!

Right, rant number 2 coming now.

Deep fried breakfast - deep fried lorne sausage, deep fried bacon, fried bread (obviously), deep fried mushrooms and a fried egg. No toast! But, I did get the next beat thing to coco pops, which is crunchy nut cornflakes.

Come on Kintore Arms Hotel, get your breakfast sorted.

Finally, for now whilst walking down the High Street to Inverurie Station there was a young guy sat at the bus stop, dressed as a banana.

welcome to Aberdeenshire....

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