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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A great week for the Liberal Democrats

Wow - where did that week of my life just disappear?

Well, to my regular readers, I will try and explain.

I set off last Thursday from Edinburgh, armed with my suitcase, laptop, carrier bag, man bag and a giant 4 foot cheque heading for Bournemouth.

10pm Thursday was a campaigns department meeting, we are all there, buzzing, in high spirits and looking forwards to a great week.

Friday is the start of the working week, with back to back training sessions, briefings, meetings and receptions but, we are working so the average day is 8.15am to 10pm, if you're lucky you get lunch, if you're really lucky you get dinner.

However, you know you're not really lucky when in a meeting other people in the room can here your stomach growling - whoops!

This has been my first conference as a Deputy Director and whilst great fun, also knackering lol.

Tavish Scott did an awesome speech on Sunday morning,

Some great coverage for Team Scotland this week and I was proud to be part of the largest contingent ever sent, and still we fought in Fife for the people affected by Brown's government decisions.

Don't write off the Liberal Democrats, we are back and ready.

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