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Saturday, 20 September 2008

My commute

Babbling brooks, rolling hills, swathes of pine trees, forests of green.

This is my commute.

Sheep and cows, eating and sitting.

This is my commute.

Birds flying, deer sunbathing, cows chewing, sheep baa, trains speeding.

This is my commute.

Fields of green, hay and brown, working farms, derelict farms and the odd castle on the horizon.

This is my commute.

Inverurie, Insch, Huntly and Keith.

This is my commute.

Fields fllooded, streams flowing, trees swaying, hills for miles.

This is my commute.

Sun shining, clouds fluffy, hay drying, people smiling.

Yes, this is my commute - but people still wonder, "do you miss London?"

How could I?

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