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Monday, 22 June 2009

Electing the new Speaker

Oh my god, does the Labour Party never learn?

The reason the Speaker Michael Martin was forced to resign was because the public have lost faith in our political system.

So why over this weekend do the Labour Whips and Business Managers think it is acceptable to try and whip the votes for one of the ten candidates for the new Speaker?

Simply, it isn't and the people concerned should be ashamed of themselves.

There is a process in place to elect the new Speaker and the voting will start at 2.30pm today, so let's see who wins and then let's ensure the urgently needed reform begins.

I don't just mean the reform on expenses, there's other things needed like a creche, improved catering with subsidies for staff (not MPs) as most are not on great salaries and the main one is that the Palace of Westminster be required to comply fully with Health & Safety legislation - it is currently exempt as it is a working Palace! I kid you not.

I don't have a preferred candidate for Speaker this time round, but I'm not overly impressed with the line up.

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