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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Royal Bank of Scotland at Wimbledon

So, after Sir Fred the Shred and the Government bailing the bank out you would assume they would learn how to do deal with our money?

Oh no, they've gone and spent £300,000 on one suite at Wimbledon but so ashamed of it they asked for all of the signage to be removed!

In the London Evening Standard a RBS spokeswoman said - the deal was a long-standing agreement and insisted it was customers rather than staff who were using the lounge.

Are you a RBS customer and did you get an invite?

Vince Cable MP said: "RBS executives simply don't understand or care that they are a publicly owned bank using taxpayers' money"

"While small businesses are being squeezed and depositors are getting a very bad deal top management is splashing around public money in this outrageous self-indulgent way. The tradition of Sir Fred Goodwin lives on".

Spot on Vince and shame on Royal Bank of Scotland!


Caron said...

I've commented before on their continued sponsorship of the Williams Formula One team. Every time I see one speed by with the RBS logo on the side, I think "am I paying for that?"

Anonymous said...

I'm a business customer of RBS and my bank manager has had the nerve to suggest that I pay myself less during the recession, even though I'm not going over my facility because they think I shouldn't pay myself if I don't make a profit. I appreciate they may have a point, but even so, they're SUCH HYPOCRITES!!!

Anonymous said...

then dont watch formula one for which you haven't contributed one penny, stop living of companies sponsor fees to pay for your telly moments of sport endulgement and stop whining for things you don't even pay for!!

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