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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Mobile phones for 4 year olds

Oh my god, get a grip parents of Britain!

I'm sorry, children under 13 really don't need a mobile phone in my opinion, and other than peer pressure shouldn't even be asking for one.

BBC News this morning said that in a survey even 4 year olds had them. Why? To ring the Nanny? To order nappies from the supermarket?

Come on people let's have some sanity back in the discussion here, a 4 year old baby or child does not need a phone, nor a car nor a rail or bus pass.

Teenagers I get the arguments for, although I still don't think they need the latest models etc, its a safety issue and that's fine.

Ban mobiles for babies though!


Caron said...

Several of Anna's friends at 10 have them now. She is like her dad and hates talking on the phone so she doesn't have the slightest interest in a mobile, thankfully.

I know that some younger children have them and they can have their place, particularly if parents are separated - they can make it easier for the child to keep in touch with the parent who doesn't live with them, so I wouldn't be too inflexible on them, but I see exactly where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace for children under the age of secondary school to have mobiles .As a parent i know we take our children to school and colect them from school where on earth can they come to any danger if you are acting properly as a parent ??????
Secondary aged school children like to find thier independence and therefore may need to have a phone but still as a responsible parent i took my children to school and collected them until they left...Issues if children being in the street alone is not an issue as i don't feel it is safe to let them out alone full stop!!!!! So come on lets take a bit more responsibilty for our children then the need fro phones at such a young age will hopefully be banished !!

Sara said...

Thirteen is too old. Our daughter was allowed one once she started walking round the village or to the park on her own at the age of 10. But not to school until she started going to secondary school on the bus. So she can call if she wants to go to a friend's house or stay late to finish some work on the library.

C Leslie said...

I had a phone from about the age of ten, but that because I was going to a lot of after school clubs etc and would need to phone for a lift after. It was my mum's old one, and up until about 14, I didn't care about how it looked! Even now, I have an old phone of Alans, as long as I can call and text people I don't mind!

Tory Outcast said...

I am beginning to think that the age from which a phone is required is getting younger.

Personally I didn't get one until I was 14 but at the time I had a 50p taped to the back of my bus pass so I could ring home if necessary. With pay phones being a rarer commodity and the few that exist being unusable or vandalised it may be acceptable for a 10/11 year old to have a phone.

As you say however there is no need for this to be anything other than the most basic model.

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