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Monday, 22 June 2009

The timetable for the election of the new Speaker of the House of Commons

9.30am: Nominations opened. Each nomination must have a minimum of 12
signatories and a maximum of 15. Three of the signatories must be from parties other than that of the candidate.

10.30am: Nominations closed.

11am: List of Candidates was published.

11.30am: Father of the House Alan Williams draws lots to decide the
order of the statements.

2.30pm: The House sits. The Prime Minster announces that he has received
leave from the Queen for the House to elect a new Speaker. Mr Williams invites all candidates to address the House in the order of the draw. Candidates will be allowed to speak for between 5-10 minutes.

After the speeches, the House will proceed to the first secret ballot. Ballots will be open for 30 minutes. Members can vote for only one candidate. Estimated counting time is one hour. Mr Williams will announce the result in the Chamber.

If any candidate receives more the 50% of the votes cast, Mr Williams will put the questions to the House that the candidate be invited to take the Chair.

If there is no candidate with more than 50%, the candidate who came last; any candidate with less that 5% of the vote; or any candidates who decides to withdraw within ten minutes of the vote will be removed.

Successive ballots will be held until only one candidate remains or until one candidate has achieved 50% of the vote. The proposal that the candidate should take the Chair will be put to the House. If this proposal is rejected by the House, the House will be adjourned until the following day and a new ballot held.

If the proposal is accepted by the House, the candidate will then be pulled 'reluctantly' to the Chair as Speaker-elect.

The Speaker-elect than attends the House of Lords to receive the Queen's
approbation from the Royal Commission in the Lords.

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