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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Labour sneak new East Lothian candidate in on Palace day

So, is the East Lothian Labour Party versus Anne Moffat MP saga finally over?

Anne Moffat MP and Iain Gray MSP traded insults and counter insults over recent weeks.

Anne Moffat MP threatened legal action, where is that now?   Maybe more to come?

Then yesterday amongst all of the razzmattazz of the election being announced a smaller announcement was sneaked out by the Labour Party in Scotland that Fiona O'Donnell had been selected as the new candidate.

Over on the BBC, Fiona is described as;
The 50-year-old mother-of-four was previously a campaign specialist with the Labour Party based in the Lothians.
Which means in plain speak; The 50 year old mother of four children used to work (paid or unpaid) for the Labour Party in the Lothians (probably Edinburgh) and lives elsewhere.

Fine, no problems there for the local party then, one assumes?

So, the battle on May 6th in East Lothian is between Fiona and Stuart Ritchie, the Liberal Democrat candidate as it is we who are in second place here.

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