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Friday, 23 April 2010

Was the YouGov poll fair last night after the Sky Prime Ministerial debate?

So, the second TV debate on Sky for the Prime Ministerial debates took place last night, I didn't watch it live, but thanks to Sky+ watched it soon after.

I was sort of following it via Twitter as I was writing target letters.

What was interesting is despite the UK media turning it's guns and might (not as honestly as you would have thought) on Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, we wnot only withstood it but yet again Nick Clegg came out as the winner of three of the five polls last night, not as clear a victory as before, but still showing the voters of the UK that there is a real choice at this election.

Nick Clegg was shown as the winner with ComRes, Angus Reid and ICM  and David Cameron with YouGov and Populus.

However, should it have actually been four of the five polls for Nick, because YouGov published the results before Nick Clegg's final speech according to some on Twitter (someone I trust) - was that fair or balanced?

I wonder if they had held off and done it fairly, rather than just trying to rush it out, would the result have been the same?

It seems obvious to me that the Conservatives are in panic mode now.

Two weeks ago the Conservatives were riding high in the polls, with Labour closing the gap.

Now it is the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives fighting for first place with Labour languishing at the bottom, out of the race.

With two more weeks to go it is clear the voters of Britian have had enough of the traditional two party politics as portrayed by the media. 

In Scotland the voters are used to a four party system and understand it as well, so although the polls show Labour in the need it is the SNP being squeezed by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives a long way behind in fourth place.


Anonymous said...

I've also read that they closed the poll early last week too. I didn't hear these sorts of complaints then. Why not?

Anonymous said...

They closed it early last week but this week they didn't close it early, they started it early before Clegg had summed up at the end but after Cameron had done his summing up. So hundreds of people were being phoned up and were talking to YouGov whilst Clegg was still speaking.

It's not the same as last week, but YouGov were paid by Murdoch to do the survey so YouGov 'anything you want gov" gave them the result they hoped for.

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