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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Neil Kinnock admits defeat

In an interview with the New Statesman, prior to "bigot" gate, Neil Kinnock has said it "doesn't look like" his party can win the general election.

That is quite a bold statement for the former Labour leader to make, and heaps yet more pressure on Gordon Brown ahead of this evenings final Prime Ministerial debate.

Today's daily YouGov tracker poll for The Sun - shows the Conservatives up one point on 34%, the Liberal Democrats up three on 31%, and Labour down two on 27%.

Neil Kinnock was the Leader of the Labour Party when they lost the 1992 general election,  and said he would not speculate on the possibility of a coalition between the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

On the BBC Neil Kinnock said:
"The likely outcome of this election is more difficult to predict than any other in our political life," he added. 
So, if Neil Kinnock didn't think it likely Labour could win before yesterday, what does he think now?

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