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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Adam Boulton gets a dose of his own medicine and doesn't like it

Last weekend we saw Kay Burley interviewing bullying a protestor live on Sky News.

Last night we saw Adam Boulton get very angry with Alistair Campbell for telling him what he thought!

Is this not what Adam Boulton does to politicians and others every day of the week?

My own view on this is this, we have a group of political editors/commentators who have become a little bit to big for their boots and think the show is about them.  I am afraid Adam Boulton is one of those, he like others should take a few lessons from David Dimbleby.

Anyway for now, enjoy Adam Boulton's moment of madness, this was definitely one nil to Alistair Campbell.

1 comment:

Richard T said...

Presumably frustration with the fact that events aren't going their way reflects poor Adam Boulton's outburst since Campbell was obviously sliding in the knife to highlight the 'integrity' of the Murdoch media'. Shouldn't News International change its name to HMV in the circumstances?

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