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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sky News Kay Burley - reporter, presenter, journalist or bully?

With my mood and feelings being a little flat today I had only been on Twitter via my Blackberry and had only heard about Sky News presenters Kay Burley interview with one of the Smith Square protestors.

Many thanks to Cat Turner for recently putting up the link so I could sit and watch it.

I am not flat any more, I am now very angry after watching this video of Sky News Kay Burley interviewing shouting at bullying one of the protestors.

It was not an interview, it was not investigative journalism, it was an unprofessional presenter trying to be something she shouldn't be - a bully.

So, if like me you are annoyed with this treatment of a protestor then you should contact the following people and tell them what you think of Kay Burley's interview today;

Charlotte Reed - Publicist, Sky News - Email:

Francoise Frost - Assistant Publicist, Sky News - Email:

Anna Bifield - Acting Publicity Manager, Sky News - Email:

Stella Tooth - Head of Publicity, Sky News - Email:


Anonymous said...

Come off it Andrew,you have got to be a big boy now.
Many congratulations to the team who helped defeat the awful Bubbles Lamont ... no Dual Mandate for him(perhaps no single mandate in the future either!)

Scott Allison said...

You can submit a complaint online to Ofcom:

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