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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Conservatives to freeze pay of public sector workers on £18,000+

One of the Conservative manifesto pledges is to freeze the pay of all public sector workers who earn £18,000 and above.

Yes, that's right every nurse, police officer and fire-fighter across the UK will be hit hard in the pocket by David Cameron's party should they win on Thursday.

The Conservatives’ pay freeze plans will hit 43,575 nurses, 4,107 fire-fighters and 14,548 police officers across Scotland.

These people, care for our sick relatives, keep our streets safe and protect our children from danger – often at real risk to themselves.  They have dedicated their careers to helping others by working in our frontline public services. 

Our families and local communities owe them a debt of gratitude - but David Cameron and the Conservatives are targeting their wages to fund tax cuts for millionaires.

So, when a Conservative canvasser knocks on your door, ask them why they are penalising our nurses, police officers and fire-fighters?


Scottish Unionist said...

Andrew does Nick Clegg have a mandate to rule Britain with 60 seats?

Alec said...

Hey, good to see you back, SU!

A post which raises more questions now, Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew! Good on you, I totally agree! I live in London and I earn £20000(which really works out as £14500 after tax per year). My partner and I cant even afford a place of our own due to the high cost of living and student loans. As a council worker Im shocked by such a proposal! Surely Cameron and his merry men are out of touch with the average citizen on the street. Some of us were not born with silver spoons on our mouths. I choose the public sector bacause I wanted to make a difference not for the money. It's however depressing when we basically work to live and cant enjoy anything. Everyone says get a counci flat but being on the list and actually getting a flat is another story! I want to scream!

Paul said...

So will the pay freeze announced today affect me, I'm police officer in Scotland?

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