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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Leith - the plan for the Port and Docks

As I was surfing around catching up on news on the Scottish blogs I saw on my good friend and colleague, Caron's blog a great posting about Leith Harbour, read it here.

I don't claim to be a Leither, I have only lived in Scotland since May 31st 2008 (although 4 weeks holiday every year for many years must count for something). But, I do love where I live and am sure as I am here longer I will call myself a Leither, it's an awesome area.

I live on Western Harbour, next to Newhaven Harbour and close to Leith Harbour and Docks and it is very much Leith, not Edinburgh.

Forth Ports have got this wrong, when you go on their own website they have the Leith Docks development separated from the Edinburgh Waterfront until you go into each aspect and then see that they also include Granton in this, with a picture of Newhaven & Leith.

They claimed in the piece in the Scotsman that people have got it wrong and that Leith Docks is the overall name, well it isn't what their website insinuates. Their website states the opposite, so I think as well as joining Greener Leith and I urge you to check out their take on the Harbour we should let Forth Ports know our views, the only email address I can find on their website is so I am urging all my readers to use this email and let them know your views!

I am pleased that Edinburgh City Council Leader, Councillor Jenny Dawe is listening to the local residents on this important issue, well done Jenny.

Forth Ports are out of step on this issue, let's hope they get get it right!


Neil said...

If you agree with Andrew's post you can write to Christopher Collins, the Chairman of Forth Ports Plc. and Charles Hammond, the Group Chief Executive at:

1 Prince of Wales Dock,
EH6 7DX.

or email

Thank you.

Greener Leith said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your vote of support for Greener Leith :) The formal consultation process on the planning application has closed now. We'll do our best to keep everyone up to date as things progress.


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