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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mike Russell loses forestry campaign...

So, the SNP have done their first reshuffle.

Not entirely sure why they have bothered apart from the demotion of Mike Russell from his Environment post, which is excellent news given his disgraceful proposal to privatise 25% of Scotland's forests by the back door.

The Scottish Lib Dems have worked hard on this campaign and it is great to see a result.

The BBC news website headline is great "Ministers sacked in SNP reshuffle".

The sad part of all this is the fact there is obviously no talent on the backbenches to enable Alex Salmond to sack some of the Cabinet to bring in new blood to replace the tired people and ideas.

Our own Business Manager in Holyrood, Mike Rumbles said: "I'm delighted that Alex Neil's ultra loyalty has finally been rewarded. The lesson of this reshuffle is that slavish adoration of the first minister pays dividends.

Well done Mike - an excellent comment!

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Montague Burton said...

Gosh imagine actually taking pride in a campaign based on lies and misinformation. Jim Hume should be reported to the Standards Committee for his wilful scaremongering, in fact he still might.

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