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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Lib Dem Voice needs help?

I am just reading a copy of the Times, and on the front page there is a headline "LDV rescue ruled out".

I thought wow, Lib Dem Voice hits the national headlines, but we can all lie safe in our beds tonight.

I can assure you that Lib Dem Voice is not seeking a £30milion bridging loan and is not in any financial difficulties.

Although on a serious note Van maker LDV has asked the Government for a £30million bridging loan, which has been turned down citing that the parent company, Gaz should cover the losses.


Alix said...

Although, of course, if anyone offered us a £30m bridging loan... Think of the nibbles at our fringe meetings!

Stephen Glenn said...

Best not to Alix. James Graham seemed to have eaten far too many sugary thing at his own fringe meeting on Sunday.

Caron said...

Andrew - I thought exactly the same thing when I saw this story!

I would hope that if LDV got £30million they would spend it on campaigning, not stuffing the faces of a few:-)

Niles said...

Caron - only one way to find out...

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