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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Lloyds TSB bank charges - £60,000 per week

Iain Dale has reported a fantastic story today about Andy Hornby (former HBOS boss) who was giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee.

He is now a consultant with Lloyds TSB, paid a mere £60,000 per week - yes per week!

Well done to Iain Dale for raising it.

Me, I am just one of the mugs that is a Lloyds TSB customer, why should I continue - anyone from Lloyds TSB want to advise me why?

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Hywel said...

Buy some shares, go to the AGM and ask the board why they took the decision to retain the services of someone who - on his own admission - had so destroyed shareholder value that he wiped out the value of all his bonuses which had been invested in company shares!

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