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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Unite and the mysterious car manufacturing plant

So, Unites boss Tony Woodley (in a nice comfortable job) thinks it is professional and helpful to warn the public that 6,000 jobs are at immediate risk and a major car manufacturing plant is about to shut down in the next four days?

How the hell does he think that is useful?

This weekend every single person who currently works in the car industry will now be fretting about whether they will have a job next week. Worrying whether they are going to be unemployed next weekend, thrown out their house etc etc

Does Tony Woodley not think life is difficult enough for most of these folk anyway?

Banks, who already don't need much excuse to tighten their belts and be hypocritical will look at their records and probably reassess every loan that is connected to anyone working in the car industry.

The BBC news website is reporting this story as well as the BBC News channel in detail.

I am sure Tony Woodley and Unite thinks the Government should do a financial rescue package for the car industry, but his comments surely could push the whole industry into a major meltdown now?

Many car manufacturers are already on 'breaks', shorter working weeks and the rest, including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Bentley, Mini, Jaguar Land Rover plus others so has his ill thought out comments pulled the rug from under the industry's feet or helped it along?

So my question to Tony Woodley is what is your next bit of advice? And how much money and which industry should the Government save next?

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