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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The British blogosphere loses it's blogfather Iain Dale

Wow - I didn't see that one coming.  I am not one of Iain Dale's greatest fans, we had a small argument online years ago and ever since he does not flatter me or my blog with comments or links despite him then linking to someone else who covers my story after I do - but hey, life goes on.

I will despite this however miss Iain on the blogosphere and am relieved he will still be in the political arena, he has a lot to offer.

His reasons for giving up seem very sincere and certainly I can relate to many of them.  I was a little surprised that he didn't mention his partner in the long list, because the hours Iain is working must also have an impact on their relationship.

The fact Iain never made it into the House of Commons was also quite sad, and it appears that he has parked that ambition for now, but as he says on his blog today;
I'm running a very successful publishing company which is, I believe, on the brink of great success. I've achieved a lifetime's ambition of having my own daily radio talk show. I am not about to put either of those things at risk.
Iain explains in great detail why he has stopped blogging HERE.

So, goodbye for now Iain, we await your new website and the blog posts however intermittent they are.


Anonymous said...

nah, not me

he's one of those self promoting middle class types with nothing of any substance to say; just playing the usual Westminster games.

Quite how people like him get asked serious questions on news programmes and current affairs radio shows beggars belief, but it does show how the system works.

Munguin said...

I see: Ian has got his own radio show and publishing success and it seems is asked on a pundit on all sorts of comment shows on the strength of his successful blog. And now he thinks that the latter may jeopardise the former? Rather circular logic to my way of thinking. I think he has simply got too big for his boots and thinks he is too important for this blogging malarkey. Probably a good example of pride comes before a fall I should expect.

Good riddance I say all we got from Ian of late was an online advert for his latest TV or radio appearance. Very sloppy.

I thought his lifetime ambition was to get elected as an MP, one he singularly failed to achieve, but it’s so easy with all that success to change the goal posts isn’t it!

I must also say that for a Lib Dem I find your gushing praise of Ian when he is clearly so contemptuous of you somewhat surprising. Is it a case of green with envy or has Tory central issued orders to Lib Dem bloggers not to criticise Tory ones these days?

Andrew Reeves said...

Munguin - I respect Iain as he was one of few political bloggers when it wasn't fashionable and it is down to him and a few others that there are now so many political blogs.

No, I'm not envious but his blog was often a good source of great stories, I didn't realise I wasn't allowed to praise someone just because they didn't like me?

And if I was told what to write on my blog, by anyone it would never happen especially not the Tories!

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