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Monday, 6 December 2010

Mike Crockart MP, no really he is

The press and others have been very busy on twitter today announcing the resignation of Edinburgh West MP, Mike Crockart from the Government as PPS to Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland.

Unfortunately for them they had all been speaking or listening to the wrong Mike Crockart.

Instead of them listening to the MP they were instead listening to a Yorkshire man possibly with the same name.

As well as the World at One falling for the Yorkshire Mike Crockart, even Guido Fawkes fell for this one reporting it on his site and then Iain Dale reported that Guido was reporting....

Anyway, rest assured, the MP for Edinburgh West is the real Mike Crockart.

Whether he decided to resign as PPS, we will all have to wait and see.

UPDATE at 15:22
World at One seemed to have removed the interview from their i-player.


LibCync said...

Hmm, the World at one recording linked to is less than 27mins long. Have they cut the offending bit out or am I missing something?

Tom said...

Here's a link to the missing bit!

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