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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Keith Brown MSP is new Scottish Transport Minister

Following the shock resignation last night of Stewart Stevenson MSP as Scotland's Transport Minister, it appears that his replacement is to be Keith Brown MSP.

I am a little concerned that this is political rather than playing to his skills.  He is currently Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning and according to his biography has no transport experience.

Keith Brown is MSP for Ochil, which is to change to Clackmannanshire and Dunblane at the election and which the SNP will be entering the election with a notional majority of just 354.

So, is this the SNP once again playing politics within government?  It certainly looks like it.

All eyes will be on Keith Brown during the next cold snap, but as a former soldier I wouldn't expect his resignation because of snow and ice.

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Munguin said...

Is this another instance of the Lib Dems being the Mary Poppins of politics and never explaining anything? Students sure think so. You are worried this is a purely political appointment? In politics isn’t every appointment a political one? For example the English Deputy prime minister’s appointment?

Don’t you think its a little on the hypocritical side to accuse the SNP of “playing politics” at Holyrood when that is surely what the Lib Dems are doing at Westminster?

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