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Monday, 27 December 2010

Labour MSP John Park stands down as Dunfermline candidate?

The Scottish Labour Party are often the first to attack other parties for sneaking out news on quiet days so is anyone surprised to learn that John Park MSP is no longer the candidate for the Dunfermline constituency in next years elections?

Have Labour conceded that Jim Tolson, the sitting Lib Dem MSP is going to hold his seat and they are running scared so have pulled John Park and are allowing him to just run as a regional candidate and avoid the hassle of a hard fought campaign and the embarrassment of losing?

We know John Park MSP has been appointed as Scottish Labour's election co-ordinator yet he has mysteriously disappeared as the candidate for Dunfermline on their website and yet to be replaced.

There is nothing about this on the Fife Labour Party website, the Scottish Labour website nor on John Parks' website - maybe we will learn the result of this decision officially shortly, when they've decided what to say spin about it.

UPDATE 27th December 17:57

Direct from the man himself, John Park on twitter said to me the reason he is no longer contesting the Dunfermline seat is because he is now the election co-ordinator plus;
lots of extra responsibility combined with a young family and not enough hours in the day means that you have to make decisions sometimes that are honest!

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Munguin said...

I understand that 65% of people who voted Lib Dem in the English general election now say they would not do so again thanks to the coalition agreement and with the Lib Dems down to single figures in most polls ( my money is on Labour or the SNP taking Dunfermline from the Lib Dems. And indeed to you losing half your seats in the Scottish election. You see the Scots don’t by and large like the Tories and that includes getting them by the back door. Somebody has to pick up the cheque for the double cross and I think that is going to be the Lib Dems in the devolved administrations followed quickly by the AV referendum. On the latter the excellent blog quoted above indicates that people who don’t know what AV is are more likely to vote “yes” than people who do, I’m assuming that even the Lib Dems would not advocate keeping people ignorant of what they are voting for!

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