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Thursday, 29 May 2008

The final countdown

Well, this is it, no going back now lol.

I'm on my last commute from the office, bought my last coffee and cherry muffin (no smutty jokes) from Cafe Concerto at Dartford Station this morning for the commute in..

For the cosmopolitan readers, its the other half of the Cafe Concerto at Sidcup Station, but the big difference is Tracy and Ann are a fantastic laugh and brighten up our mornings.

Why did I go in so early on my last day I hear you all scream? To see Fatima and Mary, the Cowley Street cleaners - who often get forgotten - but they are as much of the team as anyone else.

Today has been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for me, I've made a lot of friends in London over the years and especially in Cowley Street.

I shall miss them all (well, almost all lol) but from Monday its onto pastures new at Clifton Terrace and I'm really looking forward to it, there's a great team there - Martin, Charlie, Suzette, Charles and Graeme.

I move up tomorrow so Edinburgh here I come.

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