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Saturday, 3 May 2008

The world outside politics

My world basically revolves round four things (five if you include David Beckham);
1. My boyfriend Roger
2. Liberal Democrats and politics
3. Zennor our cat
4. My (extended family)

So, today is the first day since January 11th where my day isn't working on the Mayoral campaign for Brian Paddick and the Lib Dems.

The count all finished this morning at 2am so in the last. 2 days - I have only managed 3 hours sleep - and nearly missed my cab to the station this morning!

Sat on the 7am train to Edinburgh - I'm going to look at some flats to move to - there are sheep with lambs in fields, swans and ducks on rivers, cows grazing and a man mooning (too early for that).

The world carried on while we became immersed and obsessed with persuading you to vote Brian Paddick and Liberal Democrats, I'm not apologising for that because it was the right thing for you to do (although many of you didn't see that you could have voted for Brian to get rid of Ken).

Voting is important and unfortunately again too many of you didn't bother - shame on you - people have died to ensure we can vote and engage in democracy.

I've attached a photo of the 28 police vans parked behind City Hall yesterday!!

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