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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

An open letter to Sir Ian Blair and Mayor of London Boris Johnson

9 stabbings since polling day - Not even two weeks.

Okay, not all of them fatal, thank goodness and my sympathies to the families of all 9.

The response yesterday from the Mayor and the police was swift, sounded hard hitting and effective.

However, when you scaped away the headline and soundbites its a short term response to a major long term problem.

27 young people died last year and 14 already this year - yes that's a problem!

And all Ian Blair and Boris Johnson did was to commit 10 stop and search teams for 10 days across 10 London Boroughs.

So, what happens on day 11 in those 10 Boroughs?

What happens if you live in London Boroughs 11 to 33?

Nothing - hang on in there.

Come on people, let's take the knives and guns off Londons streets - let us all look and listen and if you hear or see anything - report it, don't turn a blind eye or a deaf ear and hope someone else will do it instead.

To Boris Johnson and Ian Blair - we need long term solutions for all of London not headlines and soundbites for part of London.

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